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What's in the Box?

The Magecrammer™ boxed set includes:

Cramming to the Stars - A player's guide to wizardly persecution

The Magecrammer's Omnibus - Rules for running Magecrammer™, including suggestions for LARPing and conducting genuine witch trials in your own neighborhood to root out any actual wizards or witches that might be living near you

Threats along the Cramway - A sourcebook of monsters and villains

Ships of the Fleet - An assortment of deckplans featuring full color art

Cram in a Jam - An introductory adventure to the world of Magecrammer™

Raspberry Jam - A recipe for delicious, homemade raspberry jam

Magecrammer™ Associates Training Registration Form - The form you'll need to fill out and submit to join our Magecrammer™ Associates Training Program in order to receive your Certificate of Magecrammer™ Playability, necessary for play

The Cramway - A full color map of the busiest region of space, produced in Colorforms!

What is Magecrammer?

Magecrammer™ is a new and exciting roleplaying game from Druids of the Shore™ that fuses the genres of fantasy and science fiction into a new kind of play experience unlike anything else you've ever seen (since 1989).

Players take on the role of Crammers™, traversing the dangerous space lanes in search of adventure, glory, and their primary source of fuel...wizards!

Sound exciting?  Then grab hold of the wheel (and a wizard) and set out on a wild adventure!  

Welcome to Magecrammer™!

What You Need to Play

Magecrammer™ is a game for 3 to 5 players, and requires very little to play -- just some friends, paper, pencils, a tabletop, the Magecrammer™ boxed set, chairs (or very comfortable pillows, depending on preference), a source of light, a fifth grade reading level, free time, a calculator, at least one opposable thumb (for grabbing things), a rudimentary understanding of seafaring, a map of the Universe (sold separately), official Magecrammer™ miniatures, a grasp of thermodynamics, a belief in the theory of evolution, a sextant, a Certificate of Magecrammer™ Playability confirming you've completed our mandatory two-year Magecrammer™ Associates Training Program, and dice.

We also recommend food and beverages, but these are not necessary in order to be able to play.


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Sample Magecrammer™ Vessels:

The Käenu - An ancient starfaring of the first to traverse the Cramway

The Arial Rising Dromon Infused with Spellcaster-energy - A powerful and mysterious ship capable of omni-directional travel.

Sample Monster:

The Dread Cricetinae Phodopus - many a crew of Magecrammers have fallen at the hands of this monstrosity...


What People are Saying...

"The first and original Mage-Cramming™ supplement.  I love it, and have been using it for years. Accept no substitutes!"  

Award-winning Legend of the 5 Rings & 
Dragonlance author.
"Magecrammer™ is a breath of fresh air for a long-stale campaign setting. I had a D&D-heroes-in-space game ages ago, and though it was a lot of fun, things could really grind to a halt if your mage went down in battle. Fortunately, Magecrammer™ creates a brilliant fix for that, and now even a TPK (total party kill) is just more fuel for the fire!" 

Head of GMSarli Games, 
editor for Star Wars RPG Saga Editon 
"I don't see how these guys can hope to compete with the originality and creativity of the World of Whygax. Dave D'Arneson must be rolling in his grave!"

Award-winning author 
and game designer
"Please, make the hurting stop!" 

Award-winning author and game designer,
creator of Spelljammer. 
"A milestone in gaming on the level of free pizza delivery. More fun than removing ill fitting shoes. And I mean 2 or 3 TIMES more fun!" 

Award-Winning Artist
whose work inspired 
the Magecrammer™ cover.

"Now this is what I'm talking about! At last we have the supplement we need to take our games in the right direction, and with the new Compatibilityness License small 3PP like us can produce material to go along with... Wait, you want a quote about Magecrammer™? I thought this was for Apocalypso Robots™? It's not? Well, I'm not giving you a quote for that drivel!" 

 Co-founder of 
4 Winds Fantasy Gaming

"MageCrammer™. All the ripped-off ideas you can stuff between two trade-dress infringing covers!"

Lead Developer
Super Genius Games

Bonus Material

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