Hamster, Miniature Giant Space
(see also: Shepheard, David)

Climate/Terrain:      Grassy Fields/Hills
Frequency:              Common to Very Rare
Organization:          Small Pack

Activity Cycle:         Nocturnal
Diet:                           Omnivore
Intelligence:             Animal

No. Appearing:        1d4
Natural Defense:     Unarmored
Speed:                       Fast (Scurry)

Health Points:          1d4
No. of Attacks:         1
Damage:                    1/2 point

Size:                            T (10-12cm)
Experience Value:   1xp
Treasure:                    Nil

Miniature giant space hamsters are exactly what their name implies - extremely tiny versions of their cousin, the giant space hamster, from whom they draw a direct genetic link.  Roughly palm-sized or smaller, these rodents feature soft, fluffy hair that ranges across a spectrum of hues, but often bears a golden brown color, with occasional white patches.  Miniature giant space hamsters can store small amounts of food in their mouths.

Combat: Although typically not known for their violence, miniature giant space hamsters are nonetheless equipped with sharp teeth, typically used for chewing on small pieces of food or wood chips.  When provoked, however, they can lash out with their bite attack - inflicting a minor cut on whoever is unfortunate enough to engage them in battle.

Habitat/Society: Miniature giant space hamsters are usually kept as pets by knomes, often taken on long stellar journeys as reminders of the knome's home world, where giant space hamsters live in abundance, often domesticated but occasionally found in the wild as well.  
Like their comparably-sized ancestral relatives, miniature giant space hamsters enjoy fruits and vegetables - leafy plants like lettuce, colorful plants like carrots, etc. - as well as assorted nuts and grains.
        Miniature giant space hamsters love to burrow whenever possible, and thoroughly enjoy socializing with other miniature giant space hamsters.  If possible, they will form into packs, usually consisting of 1d4 miniature giant space hamsters - although whole colonies, left unchecked, have been rumoured to be seen numbering in the hundreds.

Evolution: Despite popular belief, miniature giant space hamsters did not evolve from giant space hamsters, but were in fact created magically by knomes.  Although they share many similarities with their cousin, they also possess several glaring differences.  For example, miniature giant space hamsters are extremely tiny.  Also, they cannot carry as much weight, or store as much food in their cheeks, as their gigantic progenitor - as was learned by the great explorer Aryumissan Sumthin, after several experiments he conducted all ended in failure.